Phoenix Soul


I am sorry for the times I took away your imagination

and told you “Get to work”

I apologize for the times I snatched away your dreams

and told you to “Get real”

I am sorry I hardened your soft cocoa butter skin with sadness

I am sorry for stealing your dreams

and replacing them with institutional plans

I am sorry I took away your glow

and replaced it with havoc

Force fed with shovels and called it…food

I am sorry I ripped out your heart song

and called it LIFE


I promise to love you with all my might

And to no longer swallow dreams that aren’t mine

To longer hold space for those

who have not earned it

And to forgive YOU

So that my heart may once again sing free


Thank you 🙏🏾



No longer serve us

Why do we fight to hold onto things that no longer serve us?

Why do we hold onto to people who hurt us?

Why do swim against the current

instead of surf the waves?

Why do we speak of love but chose pain?


I’m working on letting it go

Letting you go

Letting all things that aren’t love GO

I’ve noticed it’s difficult for me to “go with the flow”

I’m used to demanding control

Because to be in control feels safe

To be in control feels like no one can take your power away

But what’s truly powerful

is listening to Intuition

Trusting &

Having faith…

That what is meant for you, will be

We must surrender. So that we choose self and stop putting everyone else before our own health.

Let go. It will be okay.

Photo: Kyel G. Bracero




It’s been a minute since I sat down to write

To be honest,

I was quite hesitate

To recite the

The poetry I call life

Many sleepless nights

And long days catered to insights

I blink and arrive back at that fight

If only our yells and screams had…